I used to pin point the How to remove Pop-up windows in Kiosk mode blog in MSDN forums to hide the pop-up Windows for Kiosk system. I have dealt with some public source code in the blog to hide the Pop-up Windows. You may know that it is not advisable to change the public source code directly and you are recommended to clone the public components to your platform BSP before modify the source code. Cloning the component is straight forward for some components by using platform builder IDE and for some components we have to manually clone the component using sysgen_capture tool in command prompt. Unfortunately we have to manually clone the components which I have mentioned in the blog using sysgen_capture tool.

Even though MSDN has given an example for the usage of sysgen_capture tool, Newbies are facing some difficulties to follow that and also I have received some queries on cloning the rnaapp component to modify the source code which I have mentioned on the above given blog. Following steps help you in achieving the manual cloning of rnaapp component using sysgen_capture tool.

1.Create a directory %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp
2.Create two sub directories on %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\src\ and %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\exe
3.Copy all the files from wince600\public\common\oak\drivers\netsamp\rnaapp to %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\src\ directory
4.Navigate to the %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\src directory.
5.Open the Sources file, and change the following line from OAK to PLATFORM.
6.Add the following entry after the WINCETARGETFILES=$(_RELEASELIBDIR)\$(TARGETNAME).res to include the necessary header file path.

7.Go to platform builder command line build environment and navigate to %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\src\
8.Run build.exe. After the successful build, Navigate to %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\exe\
9.Run sysgen_capture rnaapp
10.You can notice sources.rnapp file in this directory. Remove the extension “.rnaapp” from the sources file name
11.Open this sources file, and then change the following lines
$(_SYSGENSDKROOT)\lib\$(_CPUINDPATH)\coredll.lib \
$(_PUBLICROOT)\common\oak\lib\(_CPUINDPATH)\rnaapp.lib \
$(_PUBLICROOT)\common\oak\lib\$(_CPUINDPATH)\rnaapp.res \
$(_SYSGENSDKROOT)\lib\$(_CPUINDPATH)\coredll.lib \

12.copy the makefile from %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\src\ to %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\exe\
13.Create a Dirs file in %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\ and add the following entries.
Include the rnaapp and its sub directories to your %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers directory through platform builder Solution Explorer by just right click the rnaapp folder and click the “Include in Build” option.
14.Go to %_TARGETPLATROOT%\Drivers\rnaapp\ dir and just run build.exe or if you need clean build, run build -c
15.You can notice the rnaapp.exe in your %_TARGETPLATROOT%\target\$(_CPUINDPATH)\retail or debug
16.Go to platform builder -> build menu and click “Copy files to release directory” after that, Click “Make run time image” option.

Now rnaapp component is included in your OS Image.