Video conferencing under ultra low-light conditions using eSOMTK1


A well-known Video Relay Service company approached e-con systems™ for designing a setup box for a video calling application with niche features like AEC, Audio over HDMI, 720p video encoding and streaming. e-con Systems™ proposed to design a solution based on eSOMTK1 running Android.

e-con Systems™ owned the entire hardware and BSP for the product.


  • With the small form factor of the PCB and the enclosure and with TK1’s GPU consuming quite a lot of power, the challenge was to maintain the coolness of the systems.
  • Full HD video streaming @ 30 fps over Wi-Fi was required.
  • Very high audio quality was required and e-con Systems™ suggested and implemented AEC as part of the BSP.
  • The other challenge was the usual last-minute surprise with EMI, this time it was the HDMI streaming at 1080p.


e-con Systems™ proposed and designed a thermal solution based on heat pipes, to maintain the low profile of the system and effectively take the heat away from the processor.

Armed with rich experience in codec and streaming protocols, e-con systems™ achieved Full HD video streaming over Wi-Fi at 30 fps with good quality.

To resolve emissions through HDMI, e-con Systems™ resorted to a solution which needed implementation changes in product and signal level without compromising the output quality of the HDMI Signals.

On the software layers, AEC was integrated into the BSP, OTA for firmware upgrade and data analytics with a custom webservice was implemented.


Customer has delivered pre-production pieces to his customers with great satisfaction and is impressed by the quality and the timely deliverables from the team. e-con Systems™ is now supplying mass production units to its customers.