Integration of new modem hardware onto Android and making all the features work is not that easy…. I found part of it when I integrated the modem onto the Alioth platform for establishing data connection (see my earlier blogs on them here How to integrate GSM/2G Modem in Android – To establish data Connection and Data connection on Android – e-con Alioth Platform).

Once we were done with the data connection with the SIM508 modem, we wanted to establish the telephony part and make calls, do conferencing, call holding, etc. with the modem and Android. We completed the integration of the modem and were able to test most of the telephony functions that were part of the Android stack and Android default telephone application.

I and my team took a video exhibiting all the Phone features on the Alioth – Android Dev Platform. Have a look at the various options supported.
Following this, I would come with the blog that discusses the GSM porting in detail. Keep following this blog !!