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Keeping tabs on your embedded devices resources is very critical. It can also be time-consuming. You need to make sure connectivity of your device is good, processes are running, resources are available round the clock and the system health is good.

This blog explains how we can monitor eSOMiMX6 resource and the process running on it.

Ever wondered how we can automate the process of monitoring your device’s resources, trigger an alert when some resource or process becomes unavailable?

Our solution is Monit.

Monit can watch resources, processes of your devices. You can tell Monit exactly what you would do if a program stops running, or begins using too much RAM, or another host becomes unreachable. Monit will watch around the clock, and respond to out-of-the-norm events by following your instructions.

The Monit has user friendly web interface where you can directly view the system status and setup up processes using native HTTP(S) web server or via the command line interface. Monit comes with its own web server running on port 2812.

Demo video link:


Capabilities of Monit:

  • Capability to act when configured threshold values for CPU, RAM, disk, file size are exceeded.
  • Monitor services, start and stop the services whenever required.
  • Provides alerts.
  • Web interface for status monitoring.

Please visit our developer website to get step by step instructions to build, configure and run Monit on our eSOMiMX6 board.

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