imx7 based IoT gateway

We were very thrilled to exhibit the capabilities of our soon to be launched NXP iMX7 based System-on-Module eSOMiMX7 at Embedded World’ 18 Booth. We designed Ampella, an IoT gateway based our iMX7 computer on module and used it to showcase how our SOM is the right fit for various IoT applications.

Ampella, to its credit has extensive connectivity options – LoRAWAN, 4G/3G Cellular, Zigbee etc. Likewise, the gateway supports different IoT Protocols like MQTT, CoAP, MODBUS etc. It is this flexibility, that sets it apart from the others in the field. The IoT gateway collects the data from various sensors and sends it to the cloud. Once again here, Ampella extends support to various cloud players like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or any custom cloud. From the cloud, data can be accessed via phones, tablets or any device. Remote management of Assets becomes easier.

Above is the video of Ampella iMX7 gateway being used in Smart Agriculture (Taken at our Embedded World Booth)
Ampella collects data from Soil Moisture sensor, Wind Sensor, Rain sensors etc., present in the agriculture field and sends it to the cloud. From the cloud, data is presented in an intuitive manner to the farmer via a dashboard in a tablet; thereby enabling the farmer to remotely view the status of his field and take necessary action if needed.