eSOMTK1 can record 4K video streaming at 30 fps

The eSOMTK1 is capable of recording 4k-UltraHD video at 30 fps in H.264 codec using the ACC-TK1-CUMI1820CAM. This high resoleSOMTK1 can record 4K video streaming at 30 fpsution video capture can be used in various fields of image processing such as text processing, video analytics etc. The eSOMTK1 along with the ACC-TK1-CUMI1820CAM is a cost-effective and power efficient solution for generating 4K content. Uses of 4K include medical imaging where an endoscope can be designed in a small form factor and internal organs can be imaged with the camera. This video can later be viewed on a UHD display with 4 times more details and clarity than a normal 1080p camera. This helps in diagnosis of diseases and ailments with more accuracy.

Other fields where 4k can be used are for video post processing such as digital video stabilization, zoom, crop, scaling etc. The recorded 4k 30fps video can be used in professional post processing software such as Adobe Premier, Final Cut, and Sony Vegas etc. for creating digitally stabilized video with less shakes and jitters which occurs due to accidental camera movement.