Multitasking is a word which you will hear often now a days in the internet. There are lot of interesting solutions with the multitasking. Here is yet another interesting solution with our eSOMiMX6 Android Development kit.

Android Jelly Bean supports the Presentation API that allows developers to manipulate the content displayed on addition screen. With this technique, user can use probably a smaller display for control and larger display for Displaying the actual content. Example: Media play back control on the primary LCD display and Video play back on the HDMI Display.

Also the user can display two different content on two different displays ( Primary and secondary display) using the media router API and Display manager API. With this method, the user can play two different videos on two different displays. Example: Digital Signage with two displays which totally show two different content on two different displays.

Watch demo of Dual display support for Android on i.MX6.

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