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eVision Hub - Educational videos
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e-con Systems is glad to announce the launch of eVision Hub, a series of educational videos that will help you learn anything and everything related to embedded vision and cameras. Here are some of the latest videos published:
Latest Podcast
 Vision Enabled Medtech for Improved Patient Care
co founder
Listen to Maharajan Veerabahu, Co-Founder & Vice President of Embedded Services at e-con Systems, as he shares insights on the best practices in integrating vision into medical devices to accelerate prototyping and reduce time to market, thereby enabling improved patient care.
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Latest whitepapers
 Embedded vision: its tole in transforming Industry 4.0 using robotics
Get to know how embedded vision plays a critical role in accelerating Industry 4.0 by helping various types of robots such as AMRs, pick and place robots, telepresence robots, delivery robots etc. 'see' better.
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 How embedded vision is optimizing retail store management and enhancing customer experience
Learn how embedded vision is revolutionizing smart retail and enhancing store experience by integrating cameras into smart checkout systems, digital signages, telepresence robots, retail monitoring systems etc.
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Latest and upcoming products
 IP66 Smart Camera for AI Vision
SmarteCAM is an IP66 rated ready-to-deploy camera with Edge AI processing capabilities. This smart camera is based on the SONY STARVIS IMX290 image sensor with an ISP that supports HDR and an NVIDIA® TX2 module as the host.
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 16MP Autofocus USB Camera
See3CAM_160 is a 16MP (4K) autofocus USB camera with digital zoom and zero shutter lag. This camera is ideal for document scanners, OCR, skin scanners, document cameras, access control systems, and industrial tablets, etc
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 8MP HDR USB Camera
See3CAM_CU81 is an 8MP (4K) HDR USB camera based on ON Semiconductor’s AR0821 image sensor and dedicated onboard ISP. This camera is ideal for digital microscope, diagnostic devices, life science, and lab equipment, etc.
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Case Studies
Know more about how e-con Systems helped a top US-based lab equipment provider build a vision enabled automated blood analyser.
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Get a sneak peek into how e-con Systems helped a leading US retail solutions provider enhance shopping experience by integrating cameras into a retail automation system.
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Explore how a top traffic management platform provider benefited from integrating e-con's off the shelf cameras for traffic and vehicle tracking.
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Technical Articles
 How to choose the right imaging system for Industrial Handheld Tablets
Industrial handhelds need high quality cameras for the purposes of asset tracking, inventory management, monitoring, payments, data collection etc. Explore the key factors you need to consider while choosing a camera for your industrial handhelds.
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 How to choose the right image sensor for Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) finds application in 24/7 parking lot management to vehicle tracking to law enforcement. Learn about the three factors you need to consider while choosing a camera for an ANPR system.
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New Product & Demo Videos
Multi camera solution for Agriculture Automation
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16MP Camera for Document Scanner & OCR
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Camera for Retail Kiosk & Access Control Systems
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Upcoming Events
Korea Vision Show 2021
3F (CD Hall), J115, Korea(South), Sep 8-10, 2021
We will be showcasing some of our latest products including the 16MP USB camera, color global shutter camera, and more. Register to get the latest updates.
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