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Why Productized Services

In the changing business environment with global competition and fast growing economies it is important for product manufacturers and platform vendors across the world to come up with innovative product ideas and services, with reduced complexity, reduced cost and added value. Delivering a cost effective solution as per the customer requirements is a challenge fro every business and hence they strive to make better products with shorter development cycles and reduced total cost of ownership. Looking from the customer's view, they need solution at the price of product, which essentially paves the way for services companies to offer productized services.
We at e-con Systems look forward to offer a solution every time our customer approaches us with a problem and Identifying that no client problem is ever exactly the same; we bank upon Productization of services, which is accomplished largely by associating tangible features with intangible service offerings. Tangible features may take the form of personnel, collateral, methodologies, pricing, facilities, or other attributes. By associating tangible features with intangible services, we build client confidence during the sales cycle as well as during the service delivery phase.
We offer solutions to our customers where in we associate product features with our services offerings, to meet the customer's expectations and leverage the power of experience to our esteemed customers. While offering services, the company delivers the following things to customer's i.e.
  • Domain expertise
  • Business problem solving expertise
  • Technical expertise

With the same set of deliverables as above for products as well, Service Productization helps in reducing the fears and risks of a customer, thus establishing its credibility regarding a targeted solution. Reinstating the benefits.
  • Productization PROVIDES credibility for new prospects/clients
  • Productized services offers value addition for customer as it is possible for customers to feel the service and delivery quality
  • Productization helps demarcation between services and service reflecting product behavior
  • Productization supports service delivery being consistent and repeated thus helps in Increased customer satisfaction