Capella - Stereo Vision Camera Reference Design

Capella is the world’s first embedded pixel synchronous Stereo Vision Camera Reference Design for Texas Instruments’ (TI) OMAP35x and AM/DM37x processor on Gumstix® Overo® COMs, designed and developed by e-con Systems.

The Stereo vision Camera Reference Design, Capella, can be used by customers to develop their Stereo Vision Camera algorithms and also by customers who would want to integrate Stereo Vision Camera in their product design. The Capella features the Gumstix® Overo® COM, Tobi base board and a camera daughter card e-CAM_9V024_STEREO. The e-CAM_9V024_STEREO delivers pixel-synchronous stereo frames to the OMAP/DM37x processor. See: Capella – Hardware / Software Architecture

Stereo-Vision-Camera-logo - USB 3.0 Stereo Vision Camera now available!!

  • Stereo vision camera board - e-CAM_9V024_STEREO
  • Pixel synchronous Dual camera streams at 30fps
  • Connects directly to 27pin camera FPC connector of Gumstix® Overo® COM
  • Directly fits over Gumstix Tobi Base board
  • Adjustable baseline on customer request
  • Factory calibrated S-mount lens pair
  • Standard V4L2 Compliant driver with associated APIs and custom IOCTLs
  • Sample V4L2 applications demonstrating the synchronous stereo operation
  • Complete Stereo Vision Camera development package
  • 1/3” Global shutter Monochrome MT9V024 image sensor
  • WVGA 752(H) x 480(V) (360690 pixels) sensors output 736(H)x480(V) images in 8-bit greyscale format
  • Synchronous Parallel Monochrome 8bit video data at 30 fps per sensor
  • Integrated stereo video output of 1472(H) x 480(V) pixels at 30fps
  • Baseline distance of 100mm (could be altered on customer’s request)
  • S-mount lens holder (M12 P0.5) with lock-nut with pre-calibrated S-mount lens pair
  • Linux 2.6.35 kernel
  • Standard V4L2 Compliant driver with associated APIs and custom IOCTLs
  • Sample V4L2 applications demonstrating the synchronous stereo operation
  • OpenCV SDK
  • OpenCV sample applications for Depth Measurement
  • Complete Stereo Vision Camera development package

Capella is particularly suited to the following applications:

  • 3D Analytical applications
  • Machine vision
  • Mobile robotics to detect obstacles
  • Embedded navigation systems
  • Surgical robotics
  • 3D video recording
  • 3D Object Reconstruction applications such as
    • sculptures
    • monuments
    • human faces

Download Stereo Vision Camera (Capella) Documents:

 Bullat Arrow  Brief Detail :

 pdf  Capella - Product brief

 Bullat Arrow  Mechanical Drawings :

 pdf  e-CAM_9V024_STEREO Board - Top View

 pdf  e-CAM_9V024_STEREO Board - Bottom View

 pdf  Gumstix Tobi Base board

 pdf  Gumstix Overo COM

 Bullat Arrow  User Manual

 pdf  Capella Getting Started

 pdf  Capella SDK Contents

 pdf  Capella Stereo Engine API UserManual

 pdf  Capella Streaming App UserManual

 pdf  Capella V4L2 Sample Application
               User Manual

 Bullat Arrow  Application Notes :

 pdf  Capella Calibration Application Note

 pdf  Stereo Camera Calibration using Capella
               (OMAP platform)

 pdf  Stereo Camera Calibration for Capella
               using Linux PC

 pdf  Capella - How to Build OpenCV

 pdf  Capella Depth Measurement Application Note

 pdf  Capella - How to transfer files

near infrared camera

e-con Systems offers a complete ready-to-use Stereo Vision Camera reference design along with the software drivers and SDK. This Capella Package contains the Stereo Vision Camera Board, e-CAM_9V024_STEREO with pre-aligned and pre-calibrated M12 lenses assembled over Gumstix® Tobi baseboard powered by Gumstix® Overo® COM in an ABS enclosure. All the necessary software with V4L2 stereo vision camera drivers and OpenCV library will be preloaded in the SD card of the Overo COM. A set of external interface cables, power adaptors including a mini tripod for convenient mounting and CD with necessary documentations, illustrations and sample stereo test applications are also included in the package.

  • Hardware:
    • Capella Reference Design
    • Tripod stand
    • 5V , 1A Power supply
    • Ethernet Cable
    • USB Type A Receptacle- Mini B plug
    • HDMI-DVI cable
    • USB Type A to Mini B cable
  • Software:
    • e-con Systems´ Stereo Engine Driver and SDK
    • Demo-Ready Kernel Image, Root File System and Application Binaries
    • V4L2 Sample Application Binary and Source Code
    • Stereo Vision Camera Streaming Application Binary and Source Code
    • OpenCV SDK and OpenCV - Sample Applications
    • Capella Stereo Vision Camera Calibration - Sample Application
    • Depth Measurement using Capella - Sample Application with Source Code

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