Jetson TK1 Android BSP and Support

e-con Systems provides the world's first Android Lollipop BSP for the Jetson Development Board. Jetson TK1 runs on the powerful Quad Core ARM Cortex A15 CPU, the NVIDIA Tegra TK1. e-cons Systems' Android Lollipop BSP would combine the raw power of the processor platform with the versatility and User Experience of the latest Android Lollipop.

e-con Systems provides complete support, system integration services, product development services and expert consulting regarding Android and NVIDIA Jetson.

e-con Systems offers both Android KitKat and Lollipop BSPs for Jetson TK1.

Lollipop on Jetson features

  • Boot from eMMC
  • Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi dongle over USB)
  • USB 3.0, OTG Host, MTP/PTP over OTG Client
  • SATA Hard Disk
  • USB Camera ( Any UVC 2.0/3.0 Camera)
  • MIPI Camera ( e-con Systems’ 13MP MIPI Camera)
  • SD as external memory
  • miniPCIe
  • HDMI 1.4 Display
  • Audio

Why Android from e-con?

  • Only ones to provide MIPI Camera support for Jetson
  • More than 10s of 1000s of devices working on the field currently
  • End to end product development (both hardware and software)
  • Have 100+ years of (combined) Android experience

Applications for Jetson Kit and Lollipop:

The Jetson platform with the Android BSP is suited for Applications and Systems development across a number of domains ranging from Automotive, Handheld, Robotics, Retail, Medical, etc and below are some of the areas of application.

Augmented Reality

  • Integrate your 3D models in real time
  • Custom MIPI camera + Jetson Development kit
  • Embed different 3D models in live camera preview

Android TV

  • Support for all media formats
  • Play videos, music, etc from local/network storage
  • Stream contents through both wired & wireless networks


  • 4-Plus-1 quad-core ARM Cortex A15
  • 192 CUDA cores
  • Improved OpenGLES


  • Android Lollipop's Screen pinning for Kiosk mode
  • Home and Return buttons disabled
  • Can't exit app and access other settings