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Complex Embedded Product Development Made Easy

eSOM270 enables multiple set of analytical controllers in one platform; delivers rich GUI based SDK
An analytical instrument company approached e-con Systems to build a versatile analytical product for its industry which caters to Gas Flow Regulation, Gas Chromatography, Auto Sampling, etc. Customer also wanted to develop a rich GUI based SDK for the platform.
Embedded Product Development


Customer wanted one platform to be used for multiple products and it should be able to interface different set of analytical controllers. This led to a scenario where one board support package catering to various applications was required. The use cases of multiple products were to be considered during the development process.

Developing GUI rich applications in a shorter period of time was also challenging. Also, the customer had to develop their own UI customizations easily and quickly.


e-con Systems based on it's SOM & WinCE expertise, suggested the customer to use eSOM270 System on Module. e-con Systems understood the customer use cases by interacting with them frequently and subsequently derived a clear use case plan for multiple products.

e-con Systems quickly developed a flexible BSP that could be used across multiple products.

e-con Systems helped the customer with schematics reviews, clarified their questions and expedited hardware development.

Armed with years of rich experience in BSP development, e-con Systems quickly took board bring activity and BSP porting for custom board. e-con Systems achieved the targeted boot time and completed the BSP development within a short period.

e-con Systems customized the GUI SDK framework according to customer's requirement and delivered a robust SDK which could be used by the customer for developing their own GUI applications.


The universal hardware platform and the GUI framework made the product development easier and effective for different set of products and resulted in faster time to market. The customer is now profitably selling the OEM analytical instrument in good volumes.