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Designing Pollution level measurement handheld Device - Customizing

PXA270 Reference platform



Client is a major Pollution measurement and control unit vendor. The measurement unit needs a data collection unit that has to collect the information from the measurement unit and process the data and should later on print the entire information collected including the vehicle photograph. The client wanted to customize PXAA270 reference design for the data collection unit.


The distance between the measurement unit and the data collection unit is around 10m and hence a need for wireless interface. Data is exchanged between the measurement unit and the PXA270 reference design every 5 milliseconds.The responses have to adhere to soft real time.


Since the overall implmentation requires GUI functionality and real time features, Windows CE was chosen as the OS. Touch screen was provided for user navigation. PXA270 reference design has a Bluetooth interface and Bluetooth was used as the medium between the measurement unit and the PXA270 reference platform.Inbuilt camera sensor was used to take the photograph of the number plate.Earlier the customer had a digital camera which took the photo of the number plate and later loaded in to the PC via the USB.
Fig 1 Original implementation by customer   Fig 2: Customized PXA270 reference design with inbuilt camera

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