Bluetooth Low Energy

e-con Systems has developed the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) / Bluetooth 4.0 stack for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 and is demonstrating the GATT profile. The BLE is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption, size and cost while maintaining a similar communication range as the classic Bluetooth. In many cases, it makes it possible to operate the devices for more than a year without recharging.

This technology is aimed at applications in the healthcare, fitness, security and home entertainment industries. Bluetooth Smart features provide:
  • Ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption
  • Ability to run for years on standard coin-cell batteries
  • Lower implementation costs
  • Multi-vendor interoperability
  • Enhanced range

e-con Systems has developed BLE stack that works in parallel with default Microsoft stack for Windows Embedded Compact 2013. The BLE SDK comes with dynamic libraries both (C# and C++) and API developer guide which enables customers to develop their own customized application on top of BLE stack

Customers who wish to evaluate this could purchase Ankaa eSOMiMX6 Reference Design Or contact e-con Systems with your requirements and questions
  • Supports for Windows Embedded Compact 2013.
  • Easy to use APIs.
  • Developed on top of Microsoft Stack.
  • Supports GATT Profile User can develop any profiles on top of this GATT APIs.
  • Reduces Application Development Effort.
  • Can be used on existing WEC2013s HCI transport layer So this would work on USB/UART/SD Bluetooth devices.
  • Supports only Client mode.
  • Simultaneous usage of BLE 4.0 and existing v2.1 stack.
  • Windows 8 like APIs so users can port their Windows 8 BLE application easily to WEC2013.

  Bluetooth Low Energy Documents:
   Bluetooth Low Energy Specification Sheet
  Download Bluetooth Low Energy  Documents

Kit Contents:


  • Dynamic Libraries (both C# and C++)
  • API Developer Guide
  • Example of SDK integration into application

Evaluation Kit:


The Bluetooth Low Energy stack for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is readily available for evaluation. Customers choosing to evaluate can purchase Ankaa eSOMiMX6 Reference Design.

BLE stack

Kit Contents



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