Android Handheld

e-con Systems has 10 years of experience in the Handheld domain and has been offering services to a number of leading rugged handheld manufacturers in the market.

e-con Systems engineering team has carried forward the expertise of the rugged handheld software from the Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Windows Embedded Handheld to the Android based rugged handhelds as well.

e-con Systems has played a part in more than 10s of 1000s of Android based rugged handheld devices in the market today.

10s of 1000s of Android based rugged handheld devices by e-con Systems

Android Services offered for Handheld Devices

e-con Systems offers the following Android based services for its handheld customers

  • Board Support Package (BSP) development and customization for Handhelds.

  • Android Power Management for Handheld devices.

  • Android HAL and Device drivers for Barcode Scanner, RFID Reader, GPIOs, etc.

  • Android CTS tests for Rugged Handhelds.

  • Android Camera Driver.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy.

Board Support Package (BSP) Development & Customization for Handhelds

e-con Systems has expertise in developing and customizing Android BSPs. Most of the rugged handhelds are using the Android Open Source Project AOSP (

Android from AOSP and the Linux / Android BSP from respective silicon vendors is stabilized, optimized before releasing them for Handheld Customers

Android Power Management for Handheld devices

As an open source release, the AOSP is not completely power optimized for specific boards or processor platforms. e-con Systems optimizes power management to a great extent by working closely with the lower level BSP of the processor and the Android Power States.

Android experts at e-con Systems have developed Power Test Utilities that can test the power consumption on Android for rugged handhelds by simulating a number of use cases. To know more about power management, Please check this article.

Android HAL and Device drivers for Barcode Scanner, RFID Reader, GPIOs, etc.

e-con Systems specializes in integrating non-mobile peripherals to the Android device. e-con Systems can develop the device drivers and HAL for peripherals like

  • Smart Card Reader

  • Barcode Scanner

  • Magnetic Card Reader

  • Finger Print Sensor

  • ADC


Android CTS tests for Rugged Handhelds

e-con systems offers testing services specially fine-tuned for rugged handheld devices. The handheld tests include

  • CTS Tests -Compatibility Test Suite provided by Android. Running these tests raises the confidence level of the Android port onto the rugged handheld. e-con Systems offers testing services and also can support customers by offering solutions for failed test cases.

  • Handheld Specific Test Plan designed by e-con Systems verifies the various handheld specific functions, system stability and performance.

Android Camera Driver

e-con Systems is a leading embedded camera/imaging solution provider. e-con Systems can help with

  • Identifying the right camera module for your rugged handheld.

  • Developing Camera Device Drivers and Applications for your rugged handheld.

  • Optimizing and evaluating image quality parameters for your camera add-on.

Camera Driver