Android BSP Development

e-con Systems offers Android BSP Development and Porting services for ARM and X86 processor boards. e-con Systems has an experienced Android team working with Android for the past 7 years right from Android Donut.

e-con Systems has developed and optimized Android Board Support Package (BSP) for the following platforms in-house.

BSP Name Platform Processor

Jetson TK1 BSP

Jetson TK1




NXP/Freescale i.MX6

eSOM3730 BSP

Almach Dev Kit

TI DM3730/AM3703

The engineers at e-con Systems stabilize Android from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for the platforms and support updates and fixes.

e-con offers Android BSP Development services like

  • Customizing Android BSP & Stack for custom product development

  • Boot Time optimization

  • Device Drivers Development & HAL Integration

  • Firmware update over AIR

Customizing Android BSP & Stack for custom product development

As Android is being used for embedded device development as an operating system of choice, customization of Android BSP and stack has become a very important requirement.

e-con Systems customizes Android BSP and stack to suit the needs of product development. The customization includes the following:

  • Size optimizations

  • Customizing the various features in AOSP and removing unwanted features

  • Booting directly to an Application

Boot Time optimization

AOSP usually takes 40-60 seconds for booting. There is a lot of room for optimization and customization with Android. e-con Systems has gone down to as low as 10 seconds to boot the Android system.

Device Drivers Development & HAL Integration

e-con Systems offers Android Device Driver development and driver porting services as well. e-con Systems has developed device drivers and integrated them onto products for customers.

The device drivers include

  • Display and Touch Drivers

  • Audio Drivers

  • USB Drivers

  • Camera Drivers

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth drivers)

Non Mobile Peripheral Drivers

e-con Systems specializes in integrating non-mobile peripherals to the Android device. e-con Systems can develop the device drivers and HAL for peripherals like

  • Smart Card Reader

  • Bar Code Scanner

  • Magnetic Card Reader

  • Finger Print Sensor

  • ADC