Camera Software Camera Boards USB 2.0 Camera Board Stereo Vision Camera
13.0 MP AR1820 MIPI (Custom Lens) 8.0 MP OV8825 MIPI 5.0 MP OV5680 MIPI 5.0 MP OV5640 MIPI 5.0 MP OV5640 MIPI - 70mm Flex Cable 5.0 MP OV5640 Parallel 5.0 MP OV5640 (Custom Lens) 5.0 MP MT9P031 Monochrome  (Custom Lens) 4.0 MP OV4682 RGB-IR  (Custom Lens) 3.4 MP AR0330 Low Light (Custom Lens) 1.0 MP AR0130CS NIR  (Custom Lens) 1.0 MP OV10633 HDR  (Custom Lens)
Tara - USB 3.0 Stereo Camera 13.0 MP Ultra HD Color (S-Mount)  new 13.0 MP Autofocus 4K Camera  new 8.0 MP Autofocus Camera  new 5.0 MP CMOS Color (S-Mount) 5.0 MP Monochrome (S-Mount) 4.0 MP RAW RGB-IR (S-Mount) 3.4 MP Low Light Color (S-Mount)  new 3.0 MP 10x Optical Zoom Camera 1.3 MP NIR Camera (S-Mount) Industrial Camera
Denebola - Cypress® CX3™ RDK Ascella - Cypress® CX3™ THine® ISP 13MP RDK
eSOMTK1- Tegra K1 eSOMiMX6 - i.MX6 eSOMiMX6-micro  new eSOM3730 - AM3703 / DM3730 eSOM270 - PXA270

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Android Embedded Development Services

e-con Systems has been working on Android for over 7 years now and offers Android embedded development services. e-con Systems, a pioneer in building embedded products has proven expertise in taking Android based products to the market. e-con has done extensive work on the Android internals and our embedded engineers have an in-depth system level understanding.

e-con offers a range of Android Development Services from BSP development, porting, application development to testing and validation.

Android for Handhelds

Android Handheld

e-con Systems has 10 years of experience in the Handheld domain and has been offering services to a number of leading rugged handheld manufacturers in the market. . .

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Android for HMI

Android for HMI

e-con Systems offers HMI solutions on Android for devices across a number of industries like Retail, Healthcare, Automobile, Industrial, etc. . .

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Android BSP and Device Drivers

Android BSP & Device Drivers

e-con Systems offers Android BSP Development and Porting services for ARM and X86 processor boards. . .

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Android Application Development

Android Application Development

e-con Systems offers Android Application Development services in the embedded space for various domains including but not limited to Medical, Retail, Automotive and Industrial . . .

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