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Windows Embedded Handheld

Windows Embedded Handheld is Microsoft's premier OS combined with a suite of basic applications for mobile devices based on the Microsoft Win32 API. Devices that run Windows Embedded Handheld include Pocket PCs, Smart phones, Portable Media Centers, and on-board computers for certain automobiles. e-con Systems provides high quality services on Windows Embedded Handheld

Windows Embedded Handheld EXPERTISE:

1. Board Support Packages (BSP) and Device driver development
econ develops thoroughly tested Windows CE BSPs with optimized drivers to be used in final production so that manufacturers can remain focused on their go-to-market strategies. e-con offers device driver development for Bluetooth, ethernet, camera, audio and Wi-Fi.
2. Device driver
e-con has ready to use Windows Embedded Handheld camera driver for its 1.3 and 2 Mega pixel camera modules. For more information please visit our Camera Module / Camera Board page. e-con has successfully licensed its camera driver for various customers.

Windows Embedded Handheld application:

Developing Windows Embedded Handheld applications offers challenge in facing issues such as minimal screen, less memory, slower and less powerful CPUs, limited Battery life, etc. e-con has a team of experienced Windows Embedded Handheld developers who can design, implement, and integrate applications ranging from advanced user interfaces to networking applications with high quality assurance. e-con is committed to delivering the most advanced custom technology solutions to its customers Windows Mobile

Windows Embedded Handheld Product development:

e-con Systems has helped its customers to design and develop Windows Embedded Handheld based rugged handheld products and Pocket PC Phones. Customers interested in Windows Embedded Handheld based rugged handheld development can approach e-con for development

LTK Product Acceptance Testing:

e-con Systems is specialized in taking manufacturers through Microsoft’s Logo Test Kit (LTK) certification.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status:

e-con Systems is awarded as Gold Level Partner status with Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program (WEPP), highest level granted to Microsoft's Windows Embedded Partners. Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Partner Program (MSWEPP) is a strategic worldwide initiative dedicated to providing partners with increased business opportunity, market awareness and technology advantage for Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded computing solutions. Windows Embedded Gold Partner Logo
e-con Systems' offers Windows CE Design and Embedded software services.
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We contracted e-con Systems for Windows Mobile camera driver development. We had several issues to solve like lifetime of the camera module, low light performance, requirement for bar code capture and above all ....

e-con Systems Launches Capella, the World's first Embedded Stereo Vision Camera Reference Design for TI OMAP /DM37x processors


e-con Systems licenses Windows CE 6.0 Camera driver to MilDef CReTE Inc., a Rugged handheld supplier.


e-con Systems Announces Video Decoder Board to support NTSC / PAL camera for Gumstix® Overo® COMs