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Building a picture in picture Set top box using Windows CE



The client is a major set-top box vendor. The client wanted to have a WindowsCE enabled Set top box with features such as parental control, picture in picture, 100 favourite channel storage, Auto tuning and local video storage. Other requirements were TV support for navigation, TV style fonts


The challenge was in getting the picture in picture implemented. The cable TV should be able to play without affecting the browsing of the internet or playing any media player. Another challenge was that the the cable TV video screen should be maximized, minimized and also moved to any corner of the display screen.


The operating system that is to be chosen took some time and it was finalized that Windows CE would be the OS. The decision was taken after analysing the direct show feature of Windows CE.The graphics driver was analysed and all applications of Windows CE that used the graphics driver used only the first overlay engine supported by the graphics processor. In other words the overlay Engine was more or less fixed for Windows CE. The second overlay Engine supported by the graphics processor was used by the cable input for its overlaying on the normal Windows desktop. Microsoft direct show API was used to overlay the cable image over the Windows CE desktop.

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