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We are excited to announce the launch of eSOM3730 development kit with Android Jelly bean OS. Android eSOM3730 dev kit gives users a world class platform for creating their apps. Now users can experience a refreshed system UI, Performance Optimizations, and great new features. The Almach dev kit supports Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. e-con Systems [...]

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Android RIL Architecture

Introduction The document explains about the building blocks of Android telephony and how it works Android telephony architecture   Application:  All the telephony related applications like Dialer, Call tracker, SMS, MMS, GPRS, Antenna signal indicator and etc, will come into this section. All these applications will be started during the android boot up. These applications [...]

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What’s new in Android 4.0

Since from the Ginger Bread lot has changed. Most of the user experience related changes are well documented by Google here. But there almost no websites out there which gives what is the difference between the GB and ICS at source code level. Here we try to summaries few difference in source code level that [...]



5 MP Camera board for OMAP35x/AM37x/DM37x

We are happy to announce e-CAM52_35x our new camera daughter board for the DM3730 EVM/OMAP3530 board with Android driver. This features the 5 Mega Pixel OV5640 image sensor from OVT. Read more.

Android on Consumer Devices – Google’s Take Having understood the business logic behind the Google Android venture you would be able to appreciate why Google jumped into the tablet foray as well. Bigger screen + More Power + Popularity equal more browsing, more time on the net and more revenue. So Google moved into the [...]

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This blog is the second in the series of blogs where we are trying to analyze the usage of Android for embedded systems other than smartphones and tablets. In case you missed the 1st one, you can read it at <link> We would analyze Google Android for the Consumer Device Market. We would consider 2 [...]




Using Android for Embedded Systems

Android has gained an enviable market share in the mobile space and is gaining momentum in the tablet market space as well. From the time Android was bought by Google in 2005, the Open Handset Alliance was announced in 2007, the first Android Smart Phone (T-Mobile G1) in 2008 followed by the Android Market the [...]


Integration of new modem hardware onto Android and making all the features work is not that easy…. I found part of it when I integrated the modem onto the Alioth platform for establishing data connection (see my earlier blogs on them here How to integrate GSM/2G Modem in Android – To establish data Connection and [...]

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In my previous blog I had shown how Alioth established a data connection and was able to browse the internet. I am going a bit into the details on how we achieved this in this blog. When I wanted to enable data on the Android Porting that we made to Alioth, I started off with [...]

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Alioth, the PXA300 based evaluation platform has been supporting Android for some time now. However, e-con’s GPRS/GPS module was not integrated onto it until recently. Alioth Linux has the eCOMM support, but to introduce this in Android, we had to do get some work done on the Android RIL layer. As usual we dug into [...]

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